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“Leave No Check Behind©” EHR Webinar

Program Summary-Health information technology is changing the landscape of healthcare. Physicians are overwhelmed with the myriad of changes and the rapidly evolving modifications it creates to their workflow and professional lives. Despite seeming resistance most clinicians want to do what’s right to improve the quality of healthcare and the outcomes for their patients. However making the transition is overbearing for some practices and many physicians are experiencing inertia block trying to move forward.

The ONCHIT outlined the aggressive Electronic Health Records (EHR) enhancement program in 2010 to facilitate physician’s adoption of HIT. Unfortunately the clock is ticking fast for many physicians who have not taken the necessary steps toward attestation and receiving their HHS sponsored funding support. This educational seminar is designed to demonstrate the advantages of EHR, to streamline the process of applying for funding and to create a sustainable support structure for physicians making the change.

Intended Audience- Physicians, Office Administrators, Healthcare Administrators, HIT Administrators-


  1.      To facilitate physicians understanding of the impact of early EHR adoption and the role it plays in improving the delivery and outcomes in healthcare.
  2. To assist physicians with the adoption of and EHR system
  3.      To facilitate the enrollment process to participate in "The CMS Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs".
  4.     To begin the enrollment of physicians who have not yet taken advantage of the program
  5.       To enhance collaboration between community practices and HITREC support teams.


  1.          Attendees should be able to list 3 key advantages of EHR adoption in community practices
  2.          Attendees should understand the "The CMS Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs" and the enrollment process. 
  3.         Attendees will become knowledgeable with the Phase II Meaningful Use proposed rules for 2014.
  4.          Attendees will understand the HIPAA compliance implications for medical practices.
  5.          Physicians and managers will obtain information relevant to painlessly financing their EHR implementation.



  1.          Presentations 
  2.          Pre-, Post-Surveys